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Safety is crucial in our industry and paramount in our business.  We work as a team and ensure our staff are properly trained and equipped to work safely at all times.

We strictly adhere to all mandatory Health and Safety regulations including the current Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992.  As members of Site Safe, our staff attend courses regularly and all our employees hold Site Safe Passports.

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Ward Crane On site
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  • We work continuously to ensure a safe working environment at all times. Health and Safety procedures are reviewed regularly, ensuring potential emergencies are identified and prevented.
  • Staff are evaluated thoroughly to ensure they meet our high standards, and there are no medical health issues that could interfere with their specific job.  
  • Key staff turnover is minimal, so we retain our knowledge and experience.
  • Employees and clients have a permanent HSE Manager who assists and supports throughout all aspects of health and safety.
  • Our senior staff are provided with modern communication technologies, allowing connectivity between our site staff, clients and office staff/management.
  • On site workers are promptly provided with necessary equipment by our administration and off site support teams.
  • Incident management identifies and provides effective solutions to trends.
  • All new equipment is examined and selected based on safety requirements, including ease of operation.
  • We regularly maintain all our equipment, and repairs must meet our company’s guidelines.