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Ward Demolition have an extensive portfolio of successful commercial, industrial and residential demolition projects. We profile a selection of these below.

Auckland University Prjoect


In 2014 Fletcher Construction contracted Ward Demolition to demolish a 14 level science education building at the University of Auckland, situated in the heart of the CBD, on the intersection of a four lane road and a motorway slipway.  There was a roomful of radioactive Cobalt-60 sitting directly under the demolition site, and the building was still connected to a ‘live’ adjoining education building, with a working science lab, conducting experiments sensitive to vibration.  Meticulous pre-planning and innovative methodology had to come into play to complete the project safely, on time, and with absolute minimum disruption to the surrounding campus and passing traffic. Nearly 10,000 tonnes of concrete were removed from the site, and Ward achieved a recycling rate of 93%.  An intensely technical project, the collaboration between Fletcher and Construction paid off, as Ward took home the 2014 Urban Demolition Award at the World Demolition Awards in Amsterdam.
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Grand Chancellor Project


A 6.3 earthquake in February 2011 caused irreparable damage to the Hotel Grand Chancellor, an iconic 28 storey hotel and carpark in central Christchurch.  The southeast corner had dropped 800mm after a shear wall failed and staircases collapsed, and the building was on a 1.5 metre lean.  It was described as one of the worst demolition jobs in the world by international engineers. The potential for loss of life was extremely high, due to the instability of the building, ongoing aftershocks, and probable further serious earthquakes.  Ward Demolition faced three major challenges - to stabilise the structure before deconstruction, to maintain safe egress and safety systems, and to apply robust, safe, and quick techniques for deconstruction. Ward undertook significant additional safety precautions, and an attitude prevailed that the most important goal was human survival. “The most important and rewarding part of the work was getting our men home in one piece.” Peter Ward.
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Eden Park Project


When Fletcher Construction redeveloped Eden Park for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, they contracted Ward Demolition to take on the demolition of the existing south stand, within a six week timeframe.  The stand was a complex structure which had been further complicated by three major alterations, but Ward overcame the technical challenges, and completed the job successfully, within the allotted timeframe. Fletcher’s Project Director Alan Gray credits Peter Ward and his team with eliminating risk to the total project, putting it down to Peter’s extensive experience, 100% personal involvement, and his team’s total commitment to the task.  He also sites Ward’s extensive selection of appropriate machinery and plant as key to the success of the demolition.  Ward Demolition were proud to provide documentation to substantiate 90.57% recycling of all materials.
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Residential Projects


This building was overcome by fire and needed to be demolished.  Ward Demolition was contracted by an insurer to complete this task.
Once on the job, Ward Demolition deduced there was roofing iron still intact, and managed to salvage it.  This not only recouped part of the cost of the job but minimised waste.