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Peter ‘Kaos’ Ward is not only the Founding Director of Ward Demolition, but an active racing car driver, racing New Zealand V8 Utes.  He’s sponsored by Ward Demolition, KPH Transport and Bealey Ale House.  He is also enthusiastically supported by a large and devoted fan base.  You can keep up to date with what he’s up to in the racing world here:   

Peter shares about his recent experience in Bathurst in an interview by Craig ‘Sooty’ Lord at the Taupo Premiere Motorsport Series in October.  “It was a rush, just as good as the first time, except I went faster!  It just puts a lump in your throat when you line up on the line and then you take off with the rest of them and you’re screaming across the top of the hill and then you come down over through Skyline, and you nearly have a couple of woops moments, it’s just honestly…I can’t even describe it, you’ve got to do it!”

Peter Ward V8 Utes Bathurst.jpg

Peter enjoys the single focus motorsport requires, and his passion is contagious. “I’m just out for a good time.  That’s why I do racing.  I enjoy it.  Once I get behind the steering wheel I can’t think about the next job or anything because I’ll crash.  I wish I’d started 20 years earlier.”  He’s optimistic about the future of racing, and ekes every ounce of joy out of the present. “It looks like motorsport is on the rebuild in New Zealand.  The business market is looking good, a few issues out there, but the car racing market is back, and we want to be back with it. And we want to have a good class, so we’ve got some new drivers out there, some new cars… We’re out there, and we’re going and doing it.”

To find out more about Peter ‘Kaos’ Ward check out:

Highlights include his first ever road car (a series 1 Land Rover, 1952 model), his best high school subject (lunch), and his pre-race habits (don’t drink lite beer the night before, and wear my fast undies).