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When disaster strikes, Ward Demolition are ready to respond. We know fast and efficient recovery is critical. By engaging a number of services internally, our team is able to offer an integrated and timely response to any emergency situation.

Ward Public Interface


Careful management of demolition sites is a necessity, ensuring minimal disruption to clients and the wider community.  The ability to deliver services in an unobtrusive manner is a recognised strength of our team; members of the public often commend Ward Group on managing operations with care and consideration.


Dealing with hazardous material is part and parcel of demolition work. We have a team of experienced project managers who can assess your needs and provide advice, including accurate and transparent costs for managing a project from beginning to end. We take health and safety seriously.  Our staff are fully trained to arrange efficient removal and disposal of hazardous material, including asbestos and bird and rodent waste.
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Soil Remediation


Ward can also offer soil remediation where environmental contamination has occurred. We can remove the contaminated soil and dispose of it in an approved landfill. We can also test soil, and have staff with COC certificates who can take care of asbestos contaminated soil removal.