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Ward Demolition Digger

Ward Demolition have a comprehensive range of equipment for all demolition and recycling purposes, and all our equipment is available for hire. We know that using the right equipment for the right job is crucial for optimum results on-site, especially when time is critical.   

We operate a huge fleet of machinery.  We have 50 excavators ranging in size from one tonne to 70 tonne, including high reach, super high reach, skid steer loaders and wheel loaders. Our haulage fleet consists of 20 truck and trailers, hook bins and articulated barrel bins, ranging in size from four wheelers to eight wheelers. All vehicles are equipped with GPS systems. We have two transporter trucks that move our plant to various sites, as well as four crushing and screening plants.

We have everything you need for residential demolition, right through to large scale industrial projects.

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Ward Demolition Equipment

“We’ve been around for a fair while and we have a depth of size, as we have so many machines and people.  Quite often when you’re on a contract a machine will break down, but we’ve got so much gear and depth that we can just go and get a transporter and bring in another machine.  When it gets busy we can bring in our own trucks and get it shifted quickly, as a lot of our work is time dependant.  We can shift from one tonne to 100 tonne and we can pretty much do it all in house.”

Peter Ward, Founder of Ward Demolitions.